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When her sons began playing competitive contact sports in high school, Dr. Anne Kelly recognized an opportunity…


Dr. Kelly saw, that although the benefits of team sports are many (exercise, discipline, and team development), the risks of injury and exhaustion could negatively affect her kids’ health and their academic performance. The challenge of battling against a teen diet of fast food and sugary sports drinks just added to the risks.

Her solution; produce a healthy, energy supplement for protein shakes, filled with premium nutrients that fuel the muscles and protect the brain. The second challenge was to develop a healthier hydration alternative than the sugary sports drinks on which many athletes and non-athletes often rely.


The success of the shake supplement and hydration drink for her sons' sports teams and the accolades from coaches and parents led to the development of a company and brand, Nutrition Ignition Inc.

Dr. Kelly spent five years developing a daily nutrition maintenance routine and a no-junk, nutrient-filled rehydration and energy drink as a way to prevent nutrient deficiencies that lead to chronic health problems. 


Dr. Kelly has a rich history of contributing innovations in chronic care, public health, and incorporating the science of nutrition to optimize health and prevent disease. She describes her Kuaka Sport products as “an easy way to replenish nutrients that so many Americans are deficient in - the result of fast foods, sugary drinks and nutrient depleted soil".

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