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Image by Paul Green
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Better Fuel, 
Better Performance

Free Shipping on orders over $150.

Kuaka is the Polynesian name for a

bar-tailed godwit bird, which holds the record for flight distance without stopping...

7,145 miles from Alaska to New Zealand!!


Epic journeys like this require premium, long-lasting fuel...


Introducing: kuaka sport

Kuaka Logo.png

Extended Energy (no crashes - lower sugar than most other sports drinks, formulated in a way that's easier for your body to use)

Kuaka Logo.png

Quality, Food-Based Nutrients (unlike other sports drinks) for Improved Muscle Strength

Kuaka Logo.png

Gut Friendly (no more upset stomach)

"After starting the Kuaka products, I was thrilled that I wasn't getting sore after long bike rides, even when I haven't ridden in a while! Further, I noticed it greatly helped me to sustain my energy through long rides. All I have to say, is that it's very low risk to just try, with potentially high benefits!"

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